28 Feb 2018
Roughly 97% of the European Union (EU)’s building stock, amounting to over 30 billion m2, is not considered energy efficient, and 75 to 85% of it will still be in use in 2050.
30 Apr 2019
This report by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) develops a framework definition for net zero carbon buildings to provide the industry with clarity on how to achieve net zero...
05 Aug 2016
Conference paper
Improvements in building energy codes cannot be fully realized unless targeted stakeholder education, training and outreach is provided to support increased understanding of and compliance with the minimum requirements. With...
10 Apr 2018
The iBRoad project aims to eliminate barriers to deep renovation by developing an Individual Building Renovation Roadmap for single-family houses. The tool provides a customised renovation plan over a long-term...
12 Oct 2017
This paper presents rare insight as to what practical interventions can be delivered today and in the longer-term to achieve a better bang for our buck from our infrastructure spend.
23 Aug 2017
This report presents a complete literature review which identifies best practice examples of planning and regeneration projects for health and wellbeing objectives, which influence policies.
17 May 2018
Aiming at enhancing the development of district energy systems, the District Energy Initiative combines awareness raising, technical assistance, policy advice and capacity building activities to cities worldwide. The initiative is...
03 Jul 2018
Policy report
Improved energy performance of buildings presents a win-win-win opportunity, reducing stress on the electricity network, offering bill savings, supporting a least-cost pathway to a zero carbon built environment, and improving...
06 May 2016
Literature review
The need to implement sustainable development (SD) in the construction industry has given birth to the green building (GB) movement. GB is a promising construction approach through which the construction...
29 Nov 2013
Conference paper
Recognising both the recent surge in interest in low carbon refurbishments of residential buildings and the diversity of emergent terminology and perspectives, the authors set out definitions for key terms...