26 Oct 2019
This guide is intended as a simple to use reference for social housing asset managers and others involved in social housing upgrades.
01 Jun 2019
Journal article
The current study aims for understanding the barriers and drivers towards energy efficiency renovations (EERs) amongst Dutch homeowners, and to aid in gaining a better insight into the role of...
01 Oct 2019
Journal article
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector is central to European energy policy. However, the speed and scale of sustainable energy transitions need to accelerate. There is a growing...
08 Jan 2019
Briefing paper
While governors across the US are setting innovative energy policies, energy efficiency can help them go even farther toward meeting state goals. This toolkit provides steps for governors to increase...
08 Apr 2019
This report explores the critical role buildings can play in meeting climate change ambitions, using a portfolio of clean energy solutions that exist today. It considers the investment needs and...
18 Apr 2017
Building energy codes lay out the minimum requirements for the envelope (insulation, windows and air sealing), mechanical equipment and lighting of a building (residential and commercial) in terms of energy...
28 Apr 2018
The production and consumption of energy can burden the health, well-being, and finances of people living and working in low-income and minority communities. To mitigate these effects, policymakers and utility...
13 Oct 2017
Draft report
Retrofitting has been proposed as a method to significantly reduce energy consumption and emission derived from the housing sector. Having said this it remains clear that severe restraints remain; and...
25 Jul 2016
Europe’s energy efficiency challenge in buildings mainly concerns the energy efficient refurbishment and investments in its existing buildings. Yet, today, only 1,2% of Europe’s existing buildings is renovated every year.
20 May 2016
A new analysis sets out a long-term roadmap for further development of the Bulgarian renovation programme for multi-family buildings. Following the implementation of the programme’s first phase, the analysis argues...
28 Apr 2016
This is the third in a series of papers intended to guide states as they embark on the path to Clean Power Plan (CPP) compliance. As one of many approaches...
10 Mar 2016
Policy report
Low-income energy efficiency programs are an important component of ratepayer-funded efficiency portfolios throughout the country, but there is room for improvement and expansion. In this report the authors address the...