15 Jun 2017
The climate policy framework is the most important climate reform in Sweden's history. It will provide the long-term conditions for business and society to implement the transition needed to solve...
06 Sep 2018
Community Development Block Grants – Disaster Relief, or CDBG-DR, are allocated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to affected states and local governments to aid long-term...
27 Jul 2017
These slides presented a case study about the impact of carbon policy changes in New York City on the existing buildings and energy code in NYC.
13 Oct 2018
Technical report
Cities are increasingly taking actions such as building code enforcement, urban planning, and public transit expansion to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in their communities and municipal operations. However, many...
30 Jun 2016
The report was undertaken as part of a PhD research, funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living Ltd. supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative...
23 Mar 2018
Journal article
Smart city experiments have the potential to reshape urban climate change governance. Smart city initiatives have been supported by international technology companies and the European Union for many years and...
01 Nov 2015
Policy report
Report card for 35 top Japanese cities and prefectures and their various government level sustainability projects. Valuable as a diverse set of circumstances and solutions. Includes project manager contact emails.
04 Dec 2017
Briefing paper
Evidence gathered by the International Energy Agency has identified six critical factors to guide policy makers in realising potential savings in both new and existing buildings through the modernisation of...
08 Jul 2018
Conducting a plan review to determine whether a building complies with the building code is made much easier with the innovative APR software from SMARTreview.
26 Feb 2018
This video demonstrates how fire separation building code was visualised in BIM using Autodesk Revit platform.
13 Jan 2016
Dr Robert Care - ARUP Dr Care’s Building Australia’s Future 2015 Conference presentation provides both a historical and a future insight on the construction industry’s adoption of a Performance-based code...
08 Apr 2019
For more than 30 years, the Pacific Northwest has successfully pursued state residential energy codes and building programs to create ever more efficient housing. Since its inception, the Northwest Energy...