Powering the Future: Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector

OECD Blockchain Policy Forum - Paris 2018 (Blockchain for Green Growth & Sustainability)
04 Sep 2018

Blockchain and other DLTs hold great promise to help solve key energy challenges. The growing number of connected devices and distributed energy resources is adding further complexity to the rapidly evolving energy system. Blockchain may play an integral part in connecting consumers, electric utilities and third parties to these devices and the wider system, in a more secure, efficient, and distributed way. In this session, energy incumbents, blockchain start-ups, regulatory bodies, and researchers share their perspectives on the opportunities, challenges, and risks of applying blockchain technologies in the energy sector.

Chair Claire Henly, Managing Director,

Energy Web Foundation Panellists Dietrich Summermann,

CEO, MotionWerk Karin Widegren,

Chair, International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)

Jules Besnainou, Director, Cleantech Group

( The webcast is available in English & French language)

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